101 Things In 1,001 Days

So…. 101 things..

I’m attempting to crawl out of the small box I’ve been living in, and get out in the world and try new things, while crossing some items off my bucket list. I’ve seen this idea circulating around the blogosphere for quite some time, and I’m deciding to jump in and join everyone on this adventure. I have to admit, It was quite gruesome trying to think of 101 things that I want to accomplish over the next 1,001 days… but I’ve done it! I’m now going to share with you all the things I hope to cross off my list one day at a time, and maybe encourage some of you to start your own list!

Start Date: October 25, 2017

End Date: July, 22, 2020

  1. Come up with 101 things (naturally)
  2. Launch my blog
  3. Graduate with my Master’s in Marketing
  4. Land my first freelance client
  5. Learn Adobe software
  6. Design a media kit for my blog
  7. Get a passport
  8. Learn to watercolor
  9. Sell a watercolor painting
  10. Learn to snowboard
  11. Travel through Europe for 30 days
  12. Make my first $100 blogging
  13. Move to Tampa, FL
  14. Take a class at cyclebar
  15. Audition to become an instructor at cyclebar
  16. Pay off car payment
  17. Pay off credit card debt
  18. Save $1,000 dollars
  19. Create/establish an instagram aesthetic
  20. Drink 90 oz. of water every day for 30 days
  21. Design and send out handwritten Christmas cards
  22. Attend a blogging conference
  23. Buy a nice camera to take photos
  24. Run a marathon
  25. Run a half marathon
  26. Design an ebook
  27. See Ed Sheeran in concert
  28. Go ice skating in NYC
  29. Go camping with my dogs
  30. Read 30 new books
  31. Get professional photos taken
  32. Go 1 month without shopping
  33. Unplug for 24 hours
  34. Take a surfing lesson (and not get eaten by a shark)
  35. Finish reading Kon Mari and de-clutter
  36. Write my first 20 blog posts
  37. Visit Hawaii
  38. Learn Spanish
  39. Visit Australia
  40. Win a giveaway
  41. Throw a house warming party
  42. Go on a long hike
  43. Cut out dairy
  44. Eat a strictly paleo diet for 30 days
  45. Get eyebrows microbladed
  46. Get invisalign
  47. Have teeth whitened at dentist
  48. Fully decorate my apartment
  49. Take 10 skillshare classes
  50. Plan a “girls” night
  51. Take a kickboxing class
  52. Meet sarahsday (LOVE HER)
  53. Meet Kane and Pia (ALSO LOVE THEM)
  54. Take a trip to Boston
  55. Create a 1 second a day for 365 days video
  56. Digital declutter
  57. Visit a winery
  58. Start a career in marketing
  59. Go 2 weeks without coffee
  60. Go makeup free for 1 week
  61. Complete 10 pull-ups
  62. Take a helicopter ride
  63. Go bungee jumping
  64. Go Skydiving
  65. Create content (or a course) to be sold on the blog
  66. Finish 5 DIY projects
  67. Go on a friend-cation
  68. Go on a cruise
  69. Re-design my resume
  70. Swim with dolphins
  71. Watch the breakfast club
  72. Watch forest gump
  73. Get on Accutane
  74. See a naturopath
  75. Take a hot yoga class
  76. Take a pilates class
  77. Make an acai bowl
  78. Go to a farmer’s market
  79. Leave a 100% tip for awesome service
  80. Pay it forward for someone
  81. Go deep sea fishing
  82. Meditate daily for 1 month
  83. Try stand-up paddle boarding
  84. Finish BBG round 1
  85. Design my own workout ebook
  86. Try & cook 10 recipes from Pinterest
  87. Connect with another blogger
  88. Have a game night with friends
  89. Attend trivia
  90. Build credit score to 750
  91. Journal daily for 1 month
  92. Volunteer my time for something I’m passionate about
  93. Study the law of attraction and utilize it
  94. Splurge on 1 high end makeup/skincare item
  95. Have brunch at a rooftop restaurant
  96. Get a bicycle and use it
  97. Go on a romantic date
  98. Get a keratin hair treatment
  99. Let my hair grow & not dye it for 365 days
  100. Become a patient person (LOL)
  101. Buy a new car

There you have it, folks! Let’s do this. Let me know if you have ever made a 101 things in 1,001 days list and, if so, did you complete it?

xo, whit.

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