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Law of Attraction

I recently (and by recently I actually mean months ago) stumbled upon an idea called the Law of Attraction. This idea basically states that we attract into our lives what we think about. More commonly known as “Our thoughts become our reality.” I’m sure you’ve heard that a time or two. I’ve heard this phrase so. many. times in my life, along with “think positive” etc. I’ve heard these phrases, but never actually listened. If you think (pun intended) about it, it makes sense. If your thoughts are positive, you are going to attract more positive things into your life. If your thoughts are negative, you are more likely to attract negative things into your life. Let me tell you something… I would consider myself a “negative” person. I have a victims mentality whenever something bad happens in my life and I am desperately trying to change it. That’s where LoA (law of attraction) comes in.


LoA is all about changing your mindset to think more positive so that you will manifest and attract positive things into your life. By thinking in a more positive manner, you raise your vibration (or frequency) which allows high-vibrating things to be attracted to you. If you have a low vibration or even if you have a high vibration, but surround yourself with people who are putting off low vibrations you’re not going to reap many benefits. Once you are mindful of your thoughts and start to become more positive; the Universe will pick up on it. So let break down the concept that is LoA.

Vibration Is All Around You

Every single thing in the entire universe it made up of vibrations. You can argue with that, but it’s a scientific fact! Our brains are so smart that we take all these vibrations around us and translate that into what we consider to be our “reality.” The main idea is that you cannot experience your “reality” without actively perceiving and pursuing it. This is the fundamental basis for the LoA.

Mind boggling, I know.

So what do I mean by that? I mean that vibrations of similar frequency are drawn together. Negative to negative, positive to positive. If you perceive everything around you and in your life in a negative way; your vibration is going to be lower and you are going to attract negative vibrations from the Universe. You will essentially be creating a negative reality for yourself. The main point here I want to get across to you is that if you want to attract positive things into your life, you MUST start vibrating at a higher frequency that is congruent with your desire reality. For example, you want to get accepted into Harvard? You need to vibrate at a high frequency and truly believe that you are going to be accepted, some might say you need to act as if you have ALREADY been accepted. Then, the Universe will bring it into your reality.

Hold up a second…

Now before I move on, I need to make something clear. You can’t just wish and hope for something to happen (or even believe it is going to happen) without putting in the effort required to achieve or acquire that thing that you want. If you want to get into Harvard, not only do you need to believe and act as if you have been accepted, but you need to put in the work. Start doing extracurriculars, maintain a high GPA, get baller references from teachers etc. Without effort and work, you won’t be able to acquire the things you want from the Universe.

Final Thoughts

In order to control your reality, you need to first adjust your vibration. No amount of action alone is going to give you the results you desire. Mind + Action is what will get you to the reality you desire. Nothing else. Let’s recap.

  • Everything in the Universe is in a state of constant vibration
  • Like attracts like (vibrations of similar frequency are drawn to each other)
  • Take action
  • Practice daily to change your thoughts and raise your vibration

I hope you enjoyed this overview of The Law of Attraction! It’s such an interesting topic and I will definitely be posting more about it in the future.

xo, whit.

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