KL Polish Winter 2017 Collection

Hello my beautiful people!

Today I bring to you my  most recent beauty buy: the KL Polish Winter 2017 collection. This collection was named Winterglamourland and I can’t think of a name more fitting!

Just a little background if you have never heard of KL Polish.. KL Polish was created by Kathleen Lights in 2016, a Youtube beauty guru (in my opinion at least). She is the most down to earth Youtube influencer which is one reason I decided to look into her nail polish line. I had heard raving reviews of it being the best nail polish people had ever used, but I didn’t know if those reviews were biased because they love Kathleen Lights. Naturally, I had to try KL Polish out for myself. This is my honest review.

Would ya just look at all those gorgeous colors?!

But seriously, every. single. color. is STUNNING. There are 6 colors in the collection and I’ll go over them all shortly, but first let me drop some knowledge on ya. This whole winter collection cost $45 before taxes & shipping. Which is not bad at all. Plus, if you’re a first time buyer you get a 10% code emailed to you to use on your purchase if I’m not mistaken. Let me tell you about the shipping process. HOLY GUACAMOLE KL Polish knows what they’re doing when it comes to shipping. I purchased this set on Thursday afternoon and it arrived to doorstep Saturday afternoon. How that’s possible… I have no idea. Anyway, besides the speedy fast shipping everything regarding the purchasing process was seamless and quick.

Now let’s get into the polishes.

*PSA please disregard the disgustingly chipped nails in the photos below… ya girl has had a rough week. sidenote – another reason I purchased this collection (lol)*


This is a grey colored nail polish (as you can clearly see). This color is gorgeous and very opaque. It’s the perfect light shade for the winter season. This nail polish gives off a sleek vibe (because as we know my entire wardrobe is black) and would look stunning on any skin tone. Kathleen named this color Graham after Graham in the movie The Holiday. It’s her favorite holiday movie. It’s so cool to hear the background on why she chose the names that she did. I actually just took off the color Central Park and put on Graham. I LOVE it. Ps if you don’t follow Kathleen on Instagram, you should. She posted her photoshoot pictures for the nail polish, and the photo with her wearing Graham is my favorite. She looks stunning.


This color, just like all the others is stunning! It is a dark plum/berry color and is great for fall/winter. Kathleen named this polish Mindy after Mindy Kaling. If you don’t know who that is, she is from The Office (and a few other shows/movies). Kathleen always adds a name in each collection and this time around we got good ol mindy! Super excited to wear this polish around the holidays.


New Year’s Eve I’m comin’ for you! Holy guacamole this color is beyond gorgeous. Kathleen was trying to think of winter names for this polish and was getting some serious Star War’s vibes from this color. She decided on Cassiopeia because (if you don’t know) Cassiopeia is a constellation in the Northern sky. I think this name is a perfect fit for this polish. If you don’t have this color in your collection, RUN AND GET IT. You need it.


Central Park.

Central Park is a very dark forest green. It’s almost like a blackened-green. Which is AMAZING. I am a fan of darker nail polishes and this color is absolutely gorgeous. In normal daylight it almost looks black, but then when you’re in the sunlight you can definitely see the green. This is probably my favorite color in the entire Winter collection and it’s the first one I reached for to put on my nails. Kathleen named this polish Central Park for the sole reason that it reminded her of Central Park (which if you have never been, please go it’s breath taking!)



Forewarning – this picture does not do this color justice. In person, this color is a true fire truck Christmas red. Everyone needs a holy grail red nail polish in their collection and if you don’t have one yet, I highly suggest checking this polish out. Kathleen named this color Ace after Logan from Gilmore Girls. Logan calls Rory Ace and she thought it would be the perfect name! I can’t wait to put this color on my nails because hot damn it’s gorgeous!


Casino Night.

Casino Night is soooo beautiful. It screams holiday to me. It is a sparkly gold and it has more of a chunky glitter than other polishes. She named it casino night after the office (theme here?). The casino night episode is her favorite involving Jim & Pam, and I have to say that episode really does tug at your heart strings! Love this color polish and will 100% be wearing it during the Christmas festivities.






I apologize in advance on the messiness of my nails. I do not have a steady hand nor do I paint my nails that often. Regardless, you can see how beautiful Central Park is! LOVE. IT. The only negative thing I have to say about these nail polishes is that the wand is a little on the thick side so I really had to focus in order to make it look neat and not mess up. Let me know if any of you have bought the winter collection or have tried any other colors from KL Polish. I’d love to know your thoughts!


xo, whit.



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