Youtube: Top Channels To Watch For Inspiration

85% of my free time is spent on Youtube. Am I mad about it? Heck to the no. I learn so many amazing things through Youtube. Whenever I want to find reviews on a product or service; I head right on over to the ‘tube. (yeah, i just said that).

Youtube has become a source for anything and everything

The first place I go to when I need to learn about a product/service or want to gain knowledge on a topic is Youtube. It has hands down become my go-to app (with Google as a close runner up). You see, the thing that makes Youtube so popular is the fact that you are able to SEE and hear recommendations, directions, etc from REAL people that you can establish a relationship with (strictly platonic, folks). It’s fantastic. I have purchased so many items and learned new skills simply from watching Youtube videos from trusted channels I’m subscribed to. I’m here today to share my top favorite Youtube channels for inspiration to live your best life! Let’s get to it.

1. Lavendaire

One of the most frequented channels of mine is Lavendaire. Lavendaire is a channel created by Aileen Xu: blogger, youtuber and content creator wrapped in one! She creates content based on personal development and lifestyle design in order to create your dream life. I seriously LOVE her and her channel. This past year (2017) I had the pleasure of being in her Artist of Life Mastermind group on Facebook and boy was it inspiring. There were so many girls (and boys) in this group who all pushed each other to achieve their goals and relentlessly pursue their passions. I found myself frequenting this Facebook group when I needed some positivity and motivation. Here’s an idea of the type of content she creates on her channel:

  • “My 2018 Goals and Resolutions”
  • “5 Questions to Reflect and Plan for the New Year”
  • “50 New Year’s Resolutions Ideas”
  • “How To Get Your Life Together”
  • “How to Make Time for Everything You Want to Do.”
  • 11 Ways to Fill Your Notebooks”

This is just a glimpse of what her channel consists of but I highly recommend checking it out. She also just launched the 2018 version of her Artist of Life Workbook so go check that out if you want a tool to plan your best 2018!

2. Jenny Journals

Jenny Journals is a channel ran by, you guessed it, Jenny. I recently stumbled across this channel and holy macaroni is she a source of inspiration! For all my fellow creatives out there, this gal will brighten your day with loads of watercoloring, drawing, planning and photography videos. I am the kind of person who loves planning and designing things (most of the time in my head) but hey, i’ll get there one day. Regardless, check out her channel if you want to watch beautiful videos of her painting and planning her months out.

3. Leeor Alexandra

Leeor Alexandra is such a beautiful soul who creates content for her channel relating to manifesting your best life. I stumbled across her channel last year (fate?) and have enjoyed her videos ever since. They are so uplifting and helpful if you feel you are stuck in a rut. You can find videos relating to health, wellness, the law of attraction and manifestation.. and who can’t use some positive vibes in their life am i right??

4. Kalyn Nicholson

Kalyn Nicholson is a 23 year old Canadian creating content based on lifestyle, positivity, fitness and health. I really enjoy watching her channel because 1. she posts videos of her planning her days and eating (which I live for) and 2. She sends out positive vibes in every single one of her videos. Seriously, you’ll be inspired to GYST (get your shit together as she says). Kalyn is also #goals when it comes to decorating her apartment and organizing. I need her setup ASAP.

5. Sarah’s Day

Oh buddy, I live for this channel! Sarah’s day is a channel run by (you guessed again) Sarah. She’s an Aussie who vlogs her fitness lifestyle and preaches her motto of “listen to your body” and “act confident and no one will judge you.” I can dig it (did I actually just say that?). Anyhow, her channel is full of workouts and recipes dedicated to fueling your body, but again, each person is different so listen to your body and do what works best for YOU. Sarah truly is Youtube’s holistic health princess! I enjoy her channel because she is down to earth and gets real. If you want inspiration to get fit and eat healthy, go check out her channel and I guarantee you’ll be motivated!

6. Whitney Simmons

We share the same name so I had to include her, right? Kidding! I love love love Whitney Simmons. For those of you who don’t already know who she is, Whitney is a Gymshark Athlete who dedicates her Youtube channel to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle! You can find videos on workouts for different areas of the body, vlogs of events, reviews on workout gear and other lifestyle topics. I think I enjoy this channel so much because Whitney has such a beaming personality that instantly makes you happy! Plus, she’s hilarious. If you want inspiration to get fit, check out whit! (see what I did there?)

I, of course, have loads of other inspirational channels that I enjoy watching on different topics. You can pretty much find information/inspiration for anything on the ‘tube. If you would like to hear more about how I stay inspired, let me know in the comments and I can share in another post.

xo, whit.


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